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    South Asian & Indian Destination Wedding
    Planning & One Stop Services

    Ready to host the most fabulous, yet stress-free destination wedding in Cancun or Riviera Maya? With hundreds of options along Cancun and Riviera Maya, it would be easy to turn your dream into a nightmare when planning at a distance. Luckily you found us. Latin Asia makes it practically effortless with our One Stop Solution services for Indian and South Asian families. We handle all aspects of your wedding from travel and guests management to event planning and coordination; staying with you every step of the way. Multiple Days. Many Festivities. Cultural Authenticity. Everything Included. Latin Asia is a Destination Management Company in Cancun and Riviera Maya Mexico that specializes in South Asian and Indian weddings. This is our passion and we are seasoned at planning this unique multi-day style of wedding. We’ll be true to your religious traditions, bring your family and friends together and create a magical atmosphere that puts every guest in the mood to celebrate.

    Our All-Inclusive Wedding Services

    With a seasoned team of wedding planning & logistics experts that understand the unique needs of our South Asian and Indian clientele, Latin Asia has carefully crafted planning services into all-inclusive packages that consider your every requirement – from venue selection and event design , on-site management, travel coordination and more! Whether you are seeking a South Asian destination wedding planner, event designer or coordinator – Sikh destination wedding planner, event designer or coordinator – or Indian wedding planner, event designer or coordinator to help you host your upcoming nuptials, our all-star team and magnificent alliances are ready to help execute your vision. We have experience with a wide range of budgets and backgrounds, and our aim is to plan an authentic wedding that doesn’t compromise on details.

    The Venue Booking

    south asian wedding planner

    Latin Asia One Stop Solution helps you to select the perfect wedding venue, keeping in mind your personal style, guest list, individual ceremonies and events and food specifications.

    The booking service has absolutely no cost. It is to drive you to the right option and giving you a stress free experience.

    Insider Knowledge

    LATIN ASIA One Stop along its alliances with the best travel agents in the industry will help you to identify the best location according to your requirements and budget, considering key factors like room types, costs, amenities, private event benefits and perks suitable for your needs that you might not be aware of. We know the local venues intimately and, therefore, are able to match you with a property that suits your needs best.

    Exclusive Venue Benefits & Perks

    Booking through Latin Asia One Stop Solution gives you special access to our exclusive, venue benefits & perks.

    Ideal for Indian & South Asian Weddings

    The venues presented to you by Latin Asia are highly curated to suit all your needs, keeping in mind the unique requirements of an Indian or South Asian wedding. Not all venues in Cancun or Riviera Maya may accommodate your unique situation, so we are careful to present you with a property that’s going to ensure a remarkable wedding experience for you and your guests.

    Get a FREE consultation to gain some insight on choosing the right venue.

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    Event Design & Planning

    Our full-service wedding planning includes every aspect of designing and planning your wedding. No detail is left undone, as our team will be there with you throughout the process with a unique, easy yet effective system.

    Indian & South Asian Event Design & Planning Services

    From concept to execution, we will work with you to plan and design your wedding events as per your personality, style, needs, and budget.
    Our team of planning & logistics experts is filled with fun and creative ideas, guiding you during the entire process with a unique and very effective system we strive hard to meet the challenges and treat each wedding as if it’s our own. Below are just a few of the areas we’ll help you design and manage (but we really bring to the table SO much more!):

    indian wedding decor services
    • We will help you to choose the right elements for your wedding events including decor, food , hair and makeup, sound and lighting, entertainment, henna services and much more.
    • Assistance in putting together all the elements together for each of your events.
    • Managing the event flow and providing location guidance (according to your suitability and needs).
    • Guidance on placing your budget wisely (wedding budget breakdown).
    • Access to diverse layouts so that you choose as per your requirements.
    • Access to a master tool—LABEOS (LATIN Asia Banquets and Events Organization System) for easy and truly effective planning.
    • Mood boards to provide you a visual understanding of ambiances and distribution.
    • Breaking down next steps with an easy achievement plan to maximize your energy, time, and budget.
    • Biweekly calls for follow up.
    • List of next steps breakdown with easy achievement plan to maximize your time, energy and budget.

    Vendor Management

    Managing your all-star team of local suppliers will never be a chore because we handle this entire process for you. It all starts when we bring on the most talented local vendors who truly understand the unique nuances of executing an Indian or South Asian wedding to help you execute your grand vision. From musicians to the Mehndi artist, photographer, flowers, special effects and more, we give you a direct line to the finest local providers that you’d likely never know existed if you were planning on your own.

    From there, we manage the relationship and ensure preparations for your day are on track. Finally, we coordinate directly with your event team to ensure that each service is executed to perfection.

    Indian & South Asian Wedding Decor & Styling Services

    We are proud to have our own decor brand that includes elements specially designed for South Asian weddings. Through our decor brand, you receive special discounts on Latin Asia decor products when booking LATIN ASIA One Stop services. In addition to getting access to Cancun’s most exclusive inventory of South Asian style decor…from vibrant and bold to luxe and chic…our team of stylists will work closely with you to imagine an ambiance that fully reflects your style and whisks your guests away to a magical wedding escape!

    Receive Special Prices For Latin Asia Decor

    • Mehndi/ Sangeet décor by LATIN ASIA.
    • Maiyan/Chura/Satak/Madvo décor by LATIN ASIA.
    • Vidhi/ Pithi/ Haldi décor by LATIN ASIA.
    • Wedding ceremony décor by LATIN ASIA.
    • Reception décor by LATIN ASIA.
    • Decorated bird cage for your presents/envelopes for the last event.
    • Seating chart board & easel for your wedding party if needed.
    • Other additional décor items by LATIN ASIA.

    Latin Asia would love to plan and design your wedding events in Cancun and Riviera Maya, Mexico.

    Note: Our special decor prices offer only applies to couples who have hired booking, event design, and onsite coordination services with Latin Asia.

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    On-Site Coordination

    indian destination wedding coordinator

    This is where the magic all comes together! The plan is set, the team is in place…now it’s time to celebrate!

    Our planning & logistics experts provide logistics and execution on the day of your wedding and during all your multi-day festivities. True experts who will make sure that every task is fulfilled to perfection so that you and your guests can enjoy the events to the fullest. Let our team do all the work!

    Onsite Coordination Services

    • All logistics, organization & execution needed to have seamless events.
    • Day to day coordination following LABEOS (LATIN ASIA Banquets & Events Organization System).
    • Layouts for each of your events
    • Timelines for all vendors.
    • Managing activity flows minutely during each of your events.
    • Pre-Con (general meeting) with you, vendors & hotel departments before your wedding events kick off.

    Latin Asia is your One Stop Solution and we would love to work with you to transform your dream wedding into a reality!

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    The Venue Booking

    Your wedding is supposed to be a carefree celebration for you, your family and your friends – not a second job. That’s why you have Latin Asia One Stop solution. With our wedding management services and assistance, you’ll be able to easily and affordably plan your destination South Asian or Indian wedding with ease. But we do book up fast, so be sure to inquire with us TODAY to find out availability!



    Frequent Ask Questions:

    Where to start planning your destination Indian wedding?

    To start planning your destination Indian wedding, the very first thing you should think about it the dates. Why? because the resorts reply availability and offer packages depending on this. With no date, no answer... If you want to do it smarter, then have prepared 2 or 3 dates options. This will help you avoid a NOT available reply. Some hotels offer one wedding per day, that is why it is clever to consider several date options. The other thing that will help you greatly is to think on weekdays as well. Many hotels have better rates, better promos, and better availability, therefore if you can accommodate your wedding during weekdays, we highly recommend you to do so.

    How long does it take to plan an Indian wedding?

    To plan wise a destination Indian wedding the best thing is to start 1 year ahead of time, if not more. Why? because unlikely local weddings, destination Indian weddings implicate to do 2 things simultaneously: plan your events with great benefits for you and your group and plan your group room block. Because of your group room block, you will receive amazing benefits to your events, but keep in mind that because of that, the RSVP response time should be done way ahead of time in comparison to a local wedding. Why? because the hotel is basically putting aside from their inventory rooms for your group and the due date for reducing or increasing the number of rooms varies according to the size of your group.

    Which are the steps to planning a wedding?

    The steps to plan a destination Indian wedding are: 1. Set 2 or 3 dates before inquiring 2. Search online for available Indian wedding packages and filter them down according to your needs. 3. Rely on a LOCAL expert 4. Check availability with 2 of your favorite resorts narrowed down with your local expert. 5. Check the events package in details 6. Check the group room proposal and block it 7. Announce it to your guests and give them a RSVP time frame and explain to them why it is needed ahead of time as it is a destination wedding, not a local one. 8. Meanwhile, move forward with the selection of the details for your events. 9. Room block should be done the latest 2 months ahead of time if not before depending on your group size. 9. Events, layouts and itineraries have to be ready and done at least 30 days prior your arrival.