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    Indian Destination Weddings Cancun & Riviera Maya, Mexico

    Looking to plan an extraordinary Indian Destination Wedding in Cancun/Riviera Maya? Then you’ve found the right one stop solution: your Destination Management Company to assist you step-by-step. Beauty meets tradition when you combine the vibrant local Mexican culture and mesmerising beachfront views of Cancun Riviera Maya with lavish Hindu traditions. At Latin Asia One Stop Solution, we go beyond the status quo, helping you seamlessly plan your Hindu wedding in Cancun as authentically as possible.

    Why Us? Latin Asia is truly an expert in booking, planning and executing Indian destination weddings across Cancun and Riviera Maya. LATIN ASIA One Stop Solution is the first company truly caring to create Indian weddings packages fully customizable in the Cancun area understanding deeply Indian family traditions to bring to perfection an authentic Indian wedding in Mexico. In addition to the booking, planning and onsite coordination services, we are proud to own our exclusive decor brand with custom made designs for each of your events. The attention to detail to tailor make your signature experience, as well as our deep understanding of Hindu traditions , makes us the best choice for you to have a seamless and stress free experience abroad. Your wedding will go beyond celebration, we will make sure to make it a fabulous experience that your family and friends will rave from years to come.

    Your Mehndi & Sangeet

    Your Mehndi and Sangeet party is joyfully filled with music, performances, chantings and amazing surprises; and Latin Asia One Stop Solution will add extra special touches to make it even more unique as you plan your Indian destination wedding from afar. We work closely with you to plan everything down to the last detail, including food, entertainment, lighting, decor, fireworks, activities and more.

    We will manage all aspects of your Mehndi and Sangeet program to ensure it exceeds your expectations and delight your friends and family.
    For the Mehendi, we will provide professional, highly talented henna artists for you and your friends and family. Our local artists will carefully apply intricate henna designs to your hands and feet at your room and enrich your experience with an amazing Mehendi station for your guests to enjoy the experience during the event.
    Your Sangeet will be as fabulous as you want with effortless planning on your end. We arrange everything from the ideal location, food and signature drinks to the decor, dance floor, sound system, DJ and entertainment. You’ll be far too busy dancing and enjoying the special sadi gali and bale bale performances to even notice all the work that went into making this evening simply perfect.”

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    Your Hindu Wedding Ceremony

    We call it in one phrase: “all embracing your marriage.” We believe that Indian  destination weddings not only unite a couple but also their families and friends. It is the reason why we have chosen to specialize in this type of wedding. Your Hindu wedding embraces the love and care of your family and friends and marks the beginning of your new life together. All the rituals and traditions of your ceremony, including the baraat, ganesh murti, Milni,  poojas, the antrapat and more, make it so much more than any ordinary celebration. We feel happy and proud, but most of all, privileged  to be able to bring these events to life for you. When you are getting married in Mexico with Latin Asia, we will help you honor every single one of your traditions and perform them just as you would in India.

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    Your Baraat

    We call it: “Entry with style.” You, the groom, along with your friends and family, will arrive to the mandap in quite unique and creative ways, according to what we have prepared for you. We’ll ensure your Baraat is more fun than you and your family have ever imagined. Our professional Dhol players, amazing variety of “vehicles” and more will raise the energy of your group before the big sacred moment comes.

    Your Milni

    Your Milni is of great significance and we want to make this welcoming unification of your families as special as possible. Latin Asia will prepare for all the arrangements required for the bride’s parents and close relatives to welcome the groom with their good luck token offering of Shagun and sprinkling rose water, along with a little noise at every hug.

    hindu wedding in riviera maya
    hindu wedding in cancun

    Your Shaddi

    Once everybody has finally arrived to the mandap and your pandit ji starts with the pooja, you and your family will not have a care in the world because Latin Asia will be confidently handling every last detail. We will ensure everything is on hand for a successful tying of the knot, such as:

    • Stylists to perfectly apply the bride’s makeup and hair
    • Mandap with a raised platform, chairs for mandap, bajot for pandit ji
    • Havan kunda
    • Jaimalas
    • Rose petals for Pooja
    • A professional sound system and microphone for Pandit Ji
    • Fabulous, lavish Indian ceremony decor
    • Attention, care and guidance for the bridal party to enter after Antrapat
    • Attention and guidance for the bride until Antrapat goes down
    • Much more

    Your Gala Reception

    At Latin Asia, we help to make your Gala Reception a sensational bash. Our team is not new to Hindu weddings at all; this is what we specialize in. We will execute your event according to your vision with grace and cater to your every need.

    • Stunning decor in your style and taste
    • Catering to your unique specifications
    • Full entertainment show and music
    • Impeccable timeline execution
    • Vendor management
    • On-site coordination before, during and after the event
    • Much, much more
    hindu wedding in cancun
    hindu wedding in cancun

    Travel & Guest Management

    Latin Asia One Stop Solution does so much more than help you execute an authentic destination Indian wedding. We are your One Stop Solution and full-service DMC, or Destination Management Company. This means that we will not only help you execute your vision for a flawless Indian  destination wedding, we will also assist you in travel arrangements, accommodations and guest management with the best professionals in the industry. We know the good, the fabulous and of course the ugly in the hood. Our goal is to make your entire experience as fun, memorable and stress-free as possible for you and your family.


    Our extensive experience executing destination Indian  weddings has allowed us to create an exclusive Hindu wedding package. Below please find an overview of our offerings with price ranges.

    hindu wedding in mexico

    Mehndi & Sangeet

    • Location rental
    • Food (banquets menu)
    • Open bar
    • Tables and chairs
    • Décor: backdrop, couch for B&G, mehndi station, non floral center pieces, saree overlays for tables, string lights or partial color draping depending on the location you choose
    • Entertainment show
    • Sound and lighting
    • Dance floor
    • Bridal henna
    • Henna artist for guest

    Baraat, Milni, & Shaddi

    • Bridal hair and makeup
    • Location rental
    • Water station
    • Chairs for guests
    • Sound system and microphone for Pandit Ji
    • Baraat: Dhol player
    • Décor: mandap, raised platform, chairs for mandap, Havan, jaimalas and rose petals for Pooja
    hindu wedding packages
    hindu wedding in mexico

    Gala Reception

    • Location rental
    • Food ( banquets menu)
    • Open bar
    • Tables and chairs
    • Vinyl dance floor
    • Entertainment show
    • Sound and lighting
    • Décor: backdrop, couch for B&G, raised platform, table runners, plate chargers, color napkins, candles for tables, elegant chairs

    50 GUESTSFrom $24, 320 USD

    100 GUESTSFrom $29, 092 USD

    150 GUESTSFrom $33, 866 USD

    200 GUESTSFrom $38, 640 USD

    250 GUESTSFrom $43, 413 USD

    300 GUESTSFrom $48, 187 USD

    Start Planning Your Indian Destination Wedding

    If you are looking for a personalized destination Indian wedding experience in Cancun and Riviera Maya with whiteglove service and unmatched support, there is no team who will be more attentive, transparent and effective to your needs than Latin Asia One Stop Solution.