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    Indian Destination WeddingsCancun & Riviera Maya, Mexico

    Latin Asia is your One Stop Solution for a carefree, affordable and absolutely breathtaking Indian or South Asian destination wedding in Cancun and Riviera Maya Mexico! The only destination wedding management company based in Cancun that goes all the way along with you from selecting the most suitable venue, throughout the event design and planning process until the execution of your destination Indian wedding experience. Latin Asia is also proud to own their decor brand to create amazing designs specifically for South Asian weddings and joining forces with great alliances and amazing professionals in the industry in one single place for you.

    We combine our intimate understanding of the unique cultural wedding traditions in Hindu, Sikh, Muslim, Ismaili, Persian and Interfaith South Asian weddings with our seasoned styling talents to help you host a remarkable destination event guests are swept up in!

    Destination Wedding Planning Services

    Latin Asia takes pleasure in managing all aspects of your special day to create extraordinary events that will be remembered forever. Looking to plan a multi-event celebration with elaborate and fine touches? Do you want to conduct your Indian destination wedding in Cancun and Riviera Maya, but have no idea how to go about it? Or, maybe you just have some questions about Indian destination wedding planning. Here at Latin Asia, we take care of everything! We offer you extensive wedding planning services based on your budget, taste, vision, and needs. And then eventually, we come up with a personalized and customized plan that suits your requirements and preferences.

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    Venue Selection

    When it comes to destination wedding planning, selecting the perfect wedding location is one of the most important decisions you’ll make. Luckily, our locally-based knowledge, long-standing venue relationships, amazing alliances and exclusive promos make this process easy and affordable.

    As your Destination Management Company, Latin Asia will recommend wedding venues for your ceremonies on the basis of your vision and wedding budget. We will help you choose and finalize wedding venues in Cancun and Riviera Maya area, Mexico. We have personally planned Indian and South Asian weddings at all the finest venues in the area, so we already know how to execute them flawlessly at each property.

    Plus, experience additional savings when we handle the booking, only available through Latin Asia.

    Event Planning and Decor

    In Cancun and Riviera Maya, Latin Asia is known as the premier event stylist and destination management company for Indian and South Asian weddings. We are a pioneer in executing these unique types of cultural events in Mexico and venues breathe a sigh of relief when they know we are involved in the event because we can be counted on to execute it properly.

    Not only will we help you plan every tiny little detail of each ceremony and tradition you want to include in your destination wedding, we will also style it to perfection! We are seasoned at helping you create the perfect mood and ambiance that you envision. Whether your taste is vibrant and bold, luxe and glamorous, elegant or rustic, we will arrange a styling plan that’s tailor made for you.

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    On-Site Coordination

    Latin Asia will be by your side during every festivity on every day of your multi-day destination wedding experience in Cancun or Riviera Maya. Handling every requirement, from technical to hospitality, our skilled team members and amazing alliances ensure that all event aspects are in place before, during and at its conclusion. From setting up lights and sound checks, to checking on seating arrangements, our team will be the one behind the scenes making sure everything is executed smoothly.

    Our Locations The Best Indian Destination Wedding Locations in Mexico

    We believe the Cancun and Riviera Maya region is the best place to get married in Mexico. Here is a little bit about each area.


    Cancun is a city located in South-eastern Mexico that’s becoming popular among couples looking to get married. It is the forth city in the entire globe with the largest amount of rooms after Hawaii, Las Vegas and Miami. Many of this hotels are all inclusive which makes it even more attractive. Every year there are over 14,000 weddings happening across Cancun and Riviera Maya and this number keeps growing. It is a vast stretch of white powder sandy beaches and pristine blue waters, Cancun is a wonder. It is one of the best Indian wedding destinations that caters well to families. Voted as number 1 destination in 2018 by Delta Airlines survey. Your guests will love the natural aquarium and the archaeological zone will be a jaw-dropping experience for them. In this paradise, you’ll surely create some wonderful memories that will last for a lifetime.

    Riviera Maya

    Riviera Maya is a premier location and one of the best places for an Indian destination wedding. Located on the south part of Cancun , you’ll find serenity, glamour, and romance sprinkled on every shore. Hotels and resorts at Riviera Maya give you a sense of glamour and privacy. It has everything you need for planning a calm, pristine, and grand wedding. Stunning all-inclusive or large scale resorts with amazing service makes Riviera Maya the most suitable location for conducting a South Asian or Indian destination wedding.

    Our Packages South Asian & Indian Destination Wedding Packages in Mexico

    At Latin Asia, we help you with all of your traditional and modern Indian or South Asian wedding planning needs. With our extensive experience and cultural knowledge, we combine Indian and South Asian tradition with contemporary concepts to create a perfect blend of classic tradition and modern aesthetic. Our wedding coordinators work with you through every step of the process to create a truly unique and highly customized experience. Whether you are planning an intimate wedding ceremony or a grand affair, our wedding packages will help you keep all your festivities within your budget.

    Hindu Wedding Packages

    Our Indian wedding packages are exclusively designed to support all your Hindu traditions. We arrange for your Hindu wedding ceremonies and every related event including, Mehndi, Sangeet, Baraat, Milni, Shaadi, and the Gala Reception.

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    Sikh Wedding Packages

    Our Sikh Wedding Packages are specially crafted to fit your budget and most importantly your vision. Whether it’s your Mehndi, Sangeet, Anand Karaj or Reception, Latin Asia will take care of every minute detail respecting all your customs and beliefs.

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    Muslim Wedding Packages

    Latin Asia has a complete understanding of Muslim wedding rituals and customs. Our Muslim wedding packages include different services that you can choose from. We are capable of managing different aspects of your wedding ceremonies, right from the selection of venues to providing decor and food services, and more.

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    Ismaili Wedding Packages

    Keeping in mind your Ismaili traditions and culture, we have designed special Ismaili wedding packages for you that includes a variety of services such as choosing a location for different events, henna artist for your Mehndi ceremony, all-inclusive decor and catering services, and more.

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    Interfaith Wedding Packages

    We understand the dynamics of Interfaith wedding, and we do our best to create the Interfaith wedding of your dreams. Our Interfaith wedding packages offer everything you need to conduct an Indian Interfaith wedding, including venue selection, bridal hair and makeup, henna artist, decor, catering, sound, lighting, and much more.

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    Persian Wedding Packages

    We know that a Persian wedding incorporates various traditions and customs. Taking this into account, we’ve created special Persian wedding packages for you that includes everything from location rental and food to decor, sound and lighting. Latin Asia ensures your Ismaili destination will be the most memorable day of your life.

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    Why Couples & Families Choose Latin Asia

    Travel agents, hotels, vendors, supplies and couples alike trust LATIN ASIA One Stop Solution

    to execute Indian and South Asian destination weddings properly.
    Here’s why:

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    We are locally-based in Cancun, Mexico

    The same people that plan your wedding with you virtually by whatsapp or phone are the same people that will be with you physically during your event! We are a family owned business who lives and works here in Cancun, Riviera Maya; not an company that is located hundreds or
    thousands of miles away. As locals we do not have language or cultural barriers. What’s more, our local presence and relationships provides you exclusive access to the best South Asian vendors and venues in the area for the best price.

    We Understand Your Indian & South Asian Wedding Traditions

    Latin Asia One Stop Solution has deep knowledge of your South Asian and Indian wedding ceremonies. Latin Asia owners had their hindu wedding ceremony at Agra, India and have done hundreds of destination weddings in Cancun and Riviera Maya every year. We make sure each ceremony is flawlessly planned and executed as per your desires. We honor all your religious and cultural traditions and we guarantee your day will be a magical memory for you and your loved ones.

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    We Are Your One Stop Solution

    Hiring us you’ll save endless hours chasing down venues and vendors. As a Destination Management Company that oversees every aspect of your event abroad, we will ensure that nothing falls through the cracks while saving you hundreds of hours in grueling research and back-and-forth communication with venues and vendors. Latin Asia One Stop Solution handles every detail for you; from the venue booking and vendor selection to wedding planning, event coordination and guest management, we’re here to make the process as seamless and carefree as possible. Plus, as a client, you receive our exclusive promos.

    We Provide Unmatched Client Service

    With Latin Asia, your calls and emails will be answered quickly and reliably. This isn’t just our livelihood, it’s our passion. We genuinely care about every client and we don’t rest until every event of your big day turns into a great success. We’ll always be available, accessible, and responsive to all your requirements.

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    Our Rates are Better than Venue Direct Rates

    Save on your dream venue with our help. Our long-standing and exclusive relationships with many of the top venues and travel agents have resulted in highly competitive pricing that is typically better than what you’d be offered going directly to the property. We have a great rapport with these venues, as we have helped many of them learn the nuances and unique traditions of Indian and South Asian weddings.

    We Provide Luxurious Decor & Furnishings

    Together with you, we conceptualize, design, and coordinate all aspects of wedding designs and décor, including lighting, amazing setups, and execution of themes, after deeply understanding your vision. Drawing from our own proprietary inventory of decor furnishings, our team of professionals provides magazine-worthy style that match your style and personality. Featured in Vogue, Asiana, Lavish Dulhan and Maharani weddings among others.

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    We Offer Affordable, All-Inclusive Packages

    Our all-inclusive packages are specially designed to meet all your
    religious requirements, event needs and budget. With a wide range of packages available, we will help you find the most suitable one for your intimate or grand Indian, Sikh or South Asian wedding celebration. Latin Asia One Stop Solution will arrange the luxurious wedding you want for an affordable investment.

    Start Planning your wedding with Latin Asia Today

    Planning an Indian or South Asian destination wedding in Cancun and Riviera Maya calls for special attention and that is exactly what we are here for. Let us bring our deep understanding of the subtleties of your wedding ceremonies and our endless fresh ideas to your occasion to make it an event every guest wants to be a part of!

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