1. The booking: choosing your venue

The booking: choosing your venue

LATIN ASIA negotiates the best deals and gets you perks that others don´t when choosing the venue that fits your concept and style.

Looking among all could be the start of an overwhelming journey. We will show you just the right choices for you. 

Do less, enjoy and get the most of it. 

LATIN ASIA negotiation & booking services include:

  1. Hotel selection, 
  2. Contract negotiation with special inclusions, perks and benefits
  3. Taste the date (in case you envision a site inspection)
  4. Booking
Transform your selection process to a pleasant yet accurate and effective experience.

With strategic alliances with expert travel agents, and hotels that we know are knowledgeable when it comes to destination Indian weddings, save time and energy exploring just the right fit to you. 

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