2. Event design & planning

Event Design & planning

Design extraordinary experiences and choose the right elements receiving special prices with LATIN ASIA decor products

You have your vision, but struggle on putting all in a cohesive way to create a one of a kind destination wedding experience. 

As a one roof stop we know the good, the fabulous and of course the ugly around the hood. 

LATIN ASIA event design services include:

  •  Event flow & location selection
  •  Guidance putting together all the elements needed for each of your events
  •  Lay outs & itineraries to have all ready for your destination wedding experience kick off.
  •  The value of these services will be credited immediately after you block and secure our services.
  •  Total credited can be used  for your events décor with LATIN ASIA so you can experience for free the event design service by choosing LATIN ASIA décor items.

 This credit can be used for

• Mehndi/ Sangeet décor by LATIN ASIA

• Vidhi/ Pithi/ Haldi décor by LATIN ASIA

• Maiyan/Chura/Satak/Madvo décor by LATIN ASIA

• Wedding ceremony décor by LATIN ASIA

• Reception décor by LATIN ASIA

• Other additional décor items by LATIN ASIA.

 Once your payment has been confirmed, send us an email latinasia.flowers@gmail.com with payment and this credit bonus promotion, so you can immediately get credited. 

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  1. This promo applies only for couples that have hired booking, event design and decor services with LATIN ASIA.
  2. This promo does not include LATIN ASIA onsite coordination services.

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